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SAGA Launches First Virtual Chapter in the U.S.

Jul 2013 #SabisAlumniGlobalAssociation

The SABIS® Alumni Global Association (SAGA) is committed to reaching out to SABIS® graduates worldwide and providing them with the support they need to maintain the friendships and ties they formed throughout their school years. In keeping with this commitment, SAGA is lending support and encouraging graduates to create new chapters for fellow alumni who live in the same geographical area.

Several SABIS® member schools have already established their own regular chapters, but more recently, SABIS® graduates living in Georgia, U.S. and attending the Georgia Institute of Technology, got together and launched the first “virtual chapter” with the support of the SAGA team.

“With the large network of alumni and the support of the SABIS® SAGA team, we know that this virtual chapter will create a lot of new opportunities,” said Ms. Gunce Yalcin the chapter’s president and herself an ISC-Abu Dhabi graduate. “We are like a family who supports its members when they are away from home.”

Like regular chapters, the virtual chapter in the U.S. is guided by a mission to connect SABIS® alumni at the local, regional, and national level and to strive to create networking opportunities. Its main objectives are to gather SABIS® alumni under one entity, help and support graduating students who are studying in the U.S., and identify job opportunities for its members.

However, unlike regular chapters, virtual chapters exist only online. This option is a good alternative for alumni who may live relatively far apart, travel frequently, or due to increasingly demanding lifestyles, may not have the time to attend annual meetings and complete legal and financial requirements as per the local jurisdiction. By opting for a virtual chapter, members are subject to a minimum number of requirements that entail fewer formalities and no financial obligations. Besides the financial and legal requirements, chapters, both regular and virtual, serve the same purpose. “In the end, it was about finding the most convenient way to gather all the alumni who share similar educational backgrounds and memories. By establishing this chapter, we now have a large network of professional contacts, which will create a multitude of opportunities,” stated Gunce Yalcin.

If you would like to establish a SABIS® chapter in your area, please visit

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